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  Visit to NorthStar by Croxton School

Tuesday 27th August 2013: Connie Skrilos and the Croxton VCAL Team took the time to visit NorthStar to learn more about our DES service and the PEAC program. the morning started with a presentation at the Epping Office for the group of about 25 year 11 and 12 VCAL students and teachers. David Wilson our Business Development Manager firstly welcomed the group and gave an overview of the Disability Employment Service. Then Katrina who is one of NorthStar’s Employment Consultants spoke about how she works with NorthStar jobseekers to find employment or training. Trevor who is one of NorthStar’s Job Support Workers then spoke about how he supports clients once they have obtained employment. Our PEAC Coordinator Lloyd Burnett completed the presentation by speaking about NorthStar’s Transition to Employment program (TTE) called PEAC. Two PEAC participants, Ibby and Daniel spoke about their experiences in PEAC over the last 2 years and did a great job!! Well done Ibby and Daniel!

Morning tea was next before the group was taken on a tour of PEAC hospitality activity at the Peter Lalor Community Kitchen where some of our PEAC participants were busy preparing food for lunch. They group then travelled by bus to Watsonia Neighborhood House where PEAC participants undertake the Horticulture activity. After this Loyd, Ibby and Daniel travelled with the group back to the Epping office to have lunch prepared by the PEAC group.

The feedback from everyone was that the morning was very informative, useful and fun. We look forward to perhaps seeing students group at NorthStar DES or PEAC in the future and wish them all the luck with the rest of the year at Croxton. Big thanks to Connie for bringing the group to NorthStar in the School bus!